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Mytel Unveils Its 5G Network for the First Time

Mytel, one of Myanmar’s telecom operators, unveils its 5G network for the first time in Myanmar. The unveiling event was held at Sedona Hotel on August 5, 2019. Mytel said it is very excited to be the first telecommunication operator in Myanmar to bring the latest technology advancement such as 5G network, empowering Myanmar to be a digitally robust country.

The officials and personnel from Mytel unveiled the 5G network officially at the event. The attendees were given a chance to experience VR technology and 4K Video by using the 5G network in the experience zone. The fast and unique 5G network demonstrated on the stage through a speed test using a 5G capable phone has shown impressive speed.

“Unlike previous advances in wireless technology, the advent of 5G constitutes much more than a step change: it’s a giant leap in data-transmission speeds, responsiveness, and connectivity. Each “G,” or generation, has brought significant changes in our phones’ abilities, but 5G will utterly transform our devices and our daily lives. We can now say that our future dream to see a seemingly-connected digital society won’t be too far away. And we are very proud to be the first telecom to bring 5G in Myanmar.” U Zaw Min Oo, Mytel CERO, said.

To bring the newest generation network to Myanmar, Mytel will work with Huawei as a 5G solution partner to conduct further research into 5G technologies. After the successful showcase, Mytel is working relentlessly towards providing the commercial version to the users. Mytel’s 5G network will be available at Mytel Customer Experience Center at Myanmar Plaza in the meantime, although, Mytel aims of the assimilation of it in big cities and soon, nationwide.

Mytel is working with a plethora of vendors to bring the most modern 5G capable phones to Myanmar so that the users are ready to use 5G network as soon as it is commercially ready. As Mytel lives up to being the most caring operator, the 5G network will be wholly different from the 4G network, the pricing will not change from the 4G network usage.