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The Complaint of the Day

For everyone residents of major cities and towns, the complaint of the day has been increasingly worse supply of electrical power to their houses and businesses. Especially during the last week of April, inhabitants of Yangon have to put up with less than two hours of supply without interruption. People are getting fed up with this issue and some are coming out with creative ways to keep themselves cool in the midst of the summer. A few youngsters whose houses has no power or air conditioner has resorted to riding air conditioned buses round trip the whole day and conduct what they need to do while being on an air con bus. A lot ended up wondering why the government cannot resolve this simple electricity supply issue. Many are frustrated that countries that are a lot less well to do than Myanmar can have 24 hour electricity supply.

The government has highlighted two causes; the terrorist attacks on electrical infrastructure and lower water levels in the dams used for hydro power generation. It stated only 50% of the full capacity can be supplied at present. Out of that total generated, 46% goes to Yangon region, 16% to Mandalay and 38% to the rest of the country.

In terms of power sources, the possible supply total remain at 7,184 MW, comprising of the followings:

Hydro             29 Plants       3,228 MW

Gas                 27                    3,638

Coal                  2                       138

Solar                 6                       180

Even though the numbers at full capacity exceed the yearly demand of ~5,500 MW, at current 50% capacity, the supply remains well below demand hence exacerbating the already worsening situation of fuel and electric power shortage across the nation.