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“Looking for Partnerships and In-organic Growth Opportunities”

Interview with: Alok Kumar

Oway CEO

Firstly, introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Alok Kumar. I came to Myanmar in 2014 and started working for Telenor Myanmar. I have lived in Myanmar for over five years and this is my sixth year. I have done a variety of leadership roles in Myanmar starting from Telenor, worked as a Head of Digital and consumer marketing. I moved on to Nokia and now I’m the group CEO of Oway. I have spent a large part of my career working with Consumer, telecom & technology companies, mostly in a high-growth start-up environment in emerging markets. Throughout my career, I’ve taken on leadership roles of increasing complexity and diverse people responsibilities, including my current role at Oway. I’m passionate about our mission: Make it super simple for our consumers to “Search, buy & Pay for our services Online & Offline”.