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Interview with Shankar Ojha, Founder & CEO of QHRM Myanmar (HR Software with 130+ Clients and 30k+ Users)

What is QHRM?

QHRM is an solution passionately engineered to enhance HR functions across a wide range of organizations.

At QHRM, we offer a comprehensive HR solution that covers every aspect of human resource management. Our software is equipped with a range of features designed to streamline and optimize HR processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Performance evaluation and management are made seamless through our Performance module, allowing organizations to set goals, assess employee progress, and drive growth.

Attendance module simplifies the tracking of employee attendance, making it easy to monitor work hours and ensure compliance.

With Leave module, managing employee leave requests and balances becomes effortless, while Payroll module automates payroll processing, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Task module facilitates task delegation and tracking, enhancing collaboration across teams. Employees can easily claim expenses and loans using our Claim and Loan modules, and Travel module simplifies travel request and approval processes.

Training module ensures that succession management and employee growth are maintained at the correct level.

For seamless talent acquisition, Recruitment & Onboarding module streamlines candidate sourcing, selection, and onboarding, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

With QHRM, you have a comprehensive HR solution that caters to every HR need, empowering your organization to thrive.

What are the reasons for an organization to consider investing in HR software

In this digital age, opting to invest in HR software represents a strategic decision that can provide a plethora of compelling reasons for any organization to consider. Here are some key points to ponder

  1. Efficiency and Productivity: Automation streamlines manual HR tasks, increasing efficiency and allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.
  2. Accuracy and Data Integrity: Minimizing human error ensures accurate record-keeping and compliance with labor laws, tax regulations, and industry-specific requirements.
  3. Centralized Data: A single database for employee information improves data integrity and eliminates redundant data entry.
  4. Compliance and Reporting: Automated compliance reporting minimizes the risk of incurring penalties due to non-compliance, and management can easily access crucial reports with just a click.
  5. Streamlined Recruitment: Applicant tracking features simplify hiring processes, from posting job listings to candidate progress tracking.
  6. Employee Self-Service: Self-service portals empower employees to access pay slips, update personal information, Request OT and time off, reducing HR’s administrative burden.
  7. Performance Management: Tools for tracking goals, conducting reviews, and facilitating feedback contribute to employee development and engagement.
  8. Employee Engagement: Features like surveys and feedback mechanisms gauge employee satisfaction, informing HR strategies to enhance the workplace experience.
  9. Cost Savings: Over time, automation and improved accuracy with Reduced printing requirement will lead to cost saving.
  10. Data Analytics: Insights from data analytics inform workforce planning and strategy will make HR Data driven.
  11. Scalability: The system can adapt to your organization’s size and evolving needs.
  12. Improved Communication: Built-in communication tools facilitate better interaction among HR, employees, and managers.
  13. Security and Data Privacy: Robust security features protect sensitive employee data with role-based access mechanism & encrypted security system.
  14. Competitive Advantage: Adopting modern HR technology can give organizations a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

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Can you tell us about the mission and vision of QHRM?

Absolutely. Our mission at QHRM is to revolutionize the way organizations manage their human resources. We envision a world where HR processes are seamlessly integrated, empowering companies to focus on their people and business growth. QHRM is designed with this vision in mind, to simplify HR operations and enable companies to unleash the full potential of their workforce.

What sets QHRM apart from the competition, and what unique features or benefits does it offer?”

What sets QHRM apart? It’s our dedication to innovation, our flawless HR software implementation rate, and the adaptability of our software to fit your exact requirements.

Our all-inclusive HR software is your complete HR solution, seamlessly covering every aspect from flawless hiring to efficient offboarding. This empowers you with not only unmatched flexibility but also the remarkable ability to customize your HR processes to your unique specifications.

But that’s not all. When you partner with us, you gain access to our renowned customer support, a testament to our resolute dedication to your success. And as the icing on the cake, our software has a library of over 3000 ready-made HR process documents. Imagine having each document meticulously crafted by experts.

What trends do you see in HR Industry, and can you elaborate them briefly for our reader?

In the world of HR, change is the constant driving force, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. While we may not cover every trend in this interview, there’s a tangible sense of optimism as we eagerly anticipate the impactful developments on the horizon. Here are some of the notable trends.

  1. Transformative Work Models: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work. Many organizations are now embracing hybrid work models that offer employees more flexibility in where they work.
  2. Employee Well-Being: The pandemic highlighted the importance of employee well-being and mental health. Companies are increasingly offering resources and support in this area.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): DEI initiatives continue to be a top priority for HR departments, with a focus on creating inclusive workplaces and addressing systemic biases.
  4. Enhanced Employee Experience: Organizations are concentrating on enhancing the overall employee experience, from onboarding to offboarding, to attract and retain top talent.
  5. AI and Automation: HR departments are using AI and automation for tasks like resume screening, scheduling interviews, and analyzing employee sentiment.
  6. Skills-Based Hiring: Instead of focusing solely on degrees and qualifications, organizations are looking for candidates with the right skills for the job.
  7. Remote Onboarding: As remote work becomes more common, companies are rethinking their onboarding processes to accommodate virtual experiences.
  8. Data-Driven Insights: HR departments are using data analytics to make more informed decisions, such as predicting employee turnover and identifying skills gaps.
  9. Learning and Development: Continuous learning and upskilling are becoming essential as job roles evolve rapidly. Companies are investing in employee training and development programs.
  10. Flexible Benefits Packages: Companies are offering more personalized and flexible benefits packages to meet the diverse needs of their employees.
  11. Talent Mobility Strategies: Instead of just hiring externally, organizations are focusing on internal talent mobility, allowing employees to grow and advance within the company.
  12. Integrated HR Technology: Organizations are adopting integrated HR technology platforms that cover multiple HR functions, simplifying processes and improving data accuracy. Just like QHRM.
  13. Managing Contingent Workers: Companies are finding ways to manage and integrate contingent workers and gig workers into their workforce effectively.
  14. Agile HR Practices: HR is adopting agile methodologies to respond quickly to changing business needs and to enhance collaboration within HR teams.

In your opinion, what makes a successful HR software partnership, and how does your company foster strong partnerships with clients?

A successful HR software partnership is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision. At QHRM, we see our clients as partners in innovation. We foster strong relationships by actively listening to their needs, providing continuous support, and evolving our software based on their feedback. Our client success team works closely with each client to ensure they maximize the value of our software, making them an integral part of our product development process.

What should my company have in readiness before opting for QHRM implementation?

As a SaaS software company, there is typically no need for additional hardware or software on your end. However, you will need to ensure that your HR department is prepared with all the necessary employee-related data. The rest of the implementation and management will be handled by our team.

What future developments or enhancements can clients expect from QHRM in the coming years?

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Version 2 of the QHRM mobile app, featuring significant enhancements. Additionally, we will be introducing a cutting-edge AI-driven job portal seamlessly integrated with QHRM, taking our HR solutions to the next level.

How do you see the future of HR software evolving, and what role do you envision your company playing in shaping that future?

QHRM is well-prepared for the future of work. We understand that work arrangements are evolving, with an increase in remote and hybrid setups. There’s also a growing emphasis on data security and sustainability. Our software is fully equipped to adapt to these changing dynamics.

We are deeply committed to safeguarding data, ensuring robust security measures, and using AI technology responsibly. This means that organizations using QHRM can have peace of mind, knowing that their data is in safe hands and that they are using advanced technology in a responsible manner.

We are excited to be a part of this journey towards a brighter future. Our goal is to help companies thrive, support employees in their professional growth, and enhance HR processes to be more efficient, equitable, and engaging. With QHRM, you’re not just getting software; you’re getting a partner in your success story.

Finally, what message or key takeaway would you like to share with our readers about your HR software company’s mission and values?

At QHRM, our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to unleash the full potential of their human capital through innovative HR software solutions. We believe that in the heart of every thriving company are engaged and motivated employees, and our software is designed to facilitate that.

Our values are deeply rooted in a commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement. We strive to create HR software that not only meets the current needs of our clients but anticipates the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace. We’re dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our own company and in the organizations we serve.

Our message to your readers is this: In a rapidly evolving world, the success of any business hinges on its ability to adapt and thrive in the face of change. We’re here to be your partner in that journey, providing the tools and support you need to build a workforce that’s not just prepared for the future but shaping it. Together, we can create workplaces that are not only efficient but also inclusive, where every employee can reach their full potential.