Home Insider Interview “Local Leadership Knows How to Operate in Myanmar”

“Local Leadership Knows How to Operate in Myanmar”

Interview with: Patrick Bryski

Executive Director with Deloitte’s Consulting Practice in Southeast Asia

Please explain to our readers about Deloitte in Myanmar.

Professionals at Deloitte Myanmar partner with other Deloitte teams in the region to deliver a mix of public and private sector service engagement, with our local team providing the in-depth local knowledge essential to navigate the local regulatory environment and in understanding the political, social, and business context. Deloitte Myanmar professionals know the culture and local conditions, and help accelerate task execution to strengthen our services in the public sector.

In the public sector/donor agency space, Deloitte Myanmar has executed engagements in the energy, agriculture, private sector, and public financial management technical areas. Collectively, our experience and relationships within and outside government offer valuable insight into overall economic and administrative reforms that are underway in Myanmar.

In addition to our Consulting practice in Myanmar, we also provide the full range of professional services including Audit & Assurance, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Tax & Legal services.