Home Insider Interview “Helping Myanmar Combat Illicit Trade Through IP Laws”

“Helping Myanmar Combat Illicit Trade Through IP Laws”

Interview with Yuwadee Thean-ngarm
Director of Tilleke & Gibbins Myanmar Office, IP Law Expert

Could you please introduce yourself and your background?

I work at Tilleke & Gibbins. Our head office is in Thailand, where we have been operating since 1890, so it has been about 130 years since our establishment. Tilleke & Gibbins expanded to Vietnam in the 1990s, and subsequently expanded to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Myanmar in 2013. Our Myanmar office is a full service legal practice, or law firm. We engage in many kinds of practices, especially in intellectual property (IP) protection. We also handle company establishment and corporate services and provide other wide-ranging legal advice to clients.

As for myself, I am the director of Tilleke & Gibbins in Myanmar. I have been here since 2013. Before we came to Myanmar, we had already been cooperating with local associations for more than 20 years to support clients. But when Myanmar was opening the country around 2010 or 2011, we came and considered how we might directly support our clients in Myanmar and other countries. Now, we are able to take a truly regional approach, which means that a client might have a matter that involves many jurisdictions in Southeast Asia, and we can support them directly with our services in  CLMVTI (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia)—as well as our close connections with firms in other jurisdictions throughout Asia and beyond.