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“YellowStone Myanmar: Delivering Digital Solutions to Consumers with Cutting Edge Technology!” Interview with Yadvinder Singh, Founder & Chairman of YellowStone Xperiences Globally

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Good morning and Minglapar. I am the CEO of YellowStone. I have been here quite long. I have landed in Myanmar since 2013. It has been quite an exciting journey here. YellowStone was started in 2018 and we are currently the only digital BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in Myanmar. We are also certified by ISO as a digital BPO. We are more into digitalization and as per clients’ requirements and government guidelines, we follow these strictly. We also have a large team with more than 500 team members here. We have two operational offices in Yangon, and I believe things are all moving in the right direction. I hope that we even have more exciting times ahead.


How does the company end up being in Myanmar?

That’s quite an interesting question. Actually, YellowStone was founded in Myanmar. The brand was built in Myanmar, and we are born in Myanmar. Only after that, we expanded into other countries. First, we started and got ourselves registered in Myanmar. We registered our trademark. I got my inspiration from Kyait Tee Yoe pagoda, which resembles a yellow stone. Hence the name of the company. Being the Chairman and Founder of the company, I started YellowStone from Myanmar. Then we expanded to Australia. The third setup, we further expanded into India. We do have further plans to expand into further countries. Yet, YellowStone was born and bred in Myanmar only.

What type of clients and market segments are you targeting?

Yellowstone is a digital BPO. Our punchline is ‘Reimagine Outsourcing’. Whatever outsourcing needs you may have for our business, or your processes, we be there. Consider telecom, insurance, banking, they have critical core business activities and responsibilities. But at the backend side, IT activities, customer care, software development or hardware maintenance, outsourcing might be a better option. This second line of operations we will take care. They are the first line. As of now, we have three out of four telecom providers as clients with us. We have two big banks with us. We have three insurance companies. Both local and international brands. Alltogether from these we also have a Fintech company. These days digital payments are quite popular and much in demand and we providing 24/7 customer support services 24/7, 365 days from our contant center for our respective clients.

How would you prove that you have the expertise in an area that you are asking clients to outsource?

We have expertise actually, especially me and my core team, since we have been in Myanmar since 2013, for so long. So, we know how Myanmar started from that time till today. We also have some visibility for the future, on how the market will eventually take shape. For BPO we are trying to compete at an international level; US, Australia, UK, India, they are far better. We are just trying to reach to their levels. Customer service is also always a priority in any segment, any country, any nation or any business domain. Our team is performing 24/7 365 days for clients. We are not only here to pick up calls i.e., do call centre activity. We are on digital platforms. We are in digital services as well. We are responding on any kind of Chatbots, Viber Chat and Telegram. Regardless of the platform, channel and , we are here on their behalf to respond to customers in a timely manner. Our clients getting a five stars customer services.

What services are most demanded in Myanmar?

In Myanmar, we started from the very basic kind of services. As we move upwards, we serve in areas where the latest technology and latest kind of services are required. As of now, KYC (Know Your Customers) assignments are the most demanded here, KYC for telecoms, banking, insurance, Fintech, etc. KYC become very important these days as banking transactions and claims are more important. Apart from that, digital call centres to interact with customers, using omni channels are also in demand.

What are your future plans?

We have a number of future plans and these are being executed one at
a time. If you see globally, the Philippines is the hub of call centres. You can get any expertise there. They can communicate in any language, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, English in Australian accent as well as American accent. Malaysia is also moving in that direction and India is already there.

One of our future plans is to bring some foreign clients to be served from here in Myanmar, some American and Australian clients. We are stepping up to perform these kinds of processes, where their customers call to these clients’ call centres, call will be landed here in Myanmar. We are moving forwards in this direction, so in future Myanmar, we would also become and international call center hub. That way, more Myanmar team member would be a part of YellowStone. They would gather good knowledge and communication skills to an international level, in addition to getting better wealth, through higher payout and good incentives. International clients always pay better. It good for the country and good for our Myanmar team members.

On the technology side, we are also working on AI side. Recently we delivered one project to one of the NGOs in Myanmar, a robo call centre. This NGO serves pregnant women. This is the first-time usage by an NGO in Myanmar.

How would you differentiate yourself from other service providers?

Actually, we never think of it that way. We do not think we are in competition with anyone. Just to give one analogy, we have android users and iOS users. You may say Apple do not have any competition. We also feel that YellowStone does not have any competition. We are far better in terms of technologies and We are far better in terms of service. We are getting many positive feedback, bonuses and incentives from our clients.

It’s all because of our team members. We call them Team Yellow. They are very dedicated for work 24/7 for our clients. We have a very good punchline. Work Together, Win Together, Grow Together.

Touch wood, with the God’s grace and team efforts, we are on the upper side of our industry.

What do you mean, when you say you use ‘cutting edge technology’?

Cutting edge technology is nothing but a state of relevance for company which all the time is devoted and working to better the pace of all possible techno environment. Our team is continually doing R&D to get the best from technologies for our clients and their business.

How would AI play a part in your products or future plans?

AI is going to be a differentiator in future when we talk about customer interaction experience, so we are coming up soon with our AI supported services to give an altogether different level of experience to Myanmar market.

How are you overcoming current challenges?

Every challenge for us is an opportunity to strengthen the character of YellowStone brand and I must say that I feel proud that my team has learnt the art of converting every challenge into long term opportunity for surviving and sustaining the business without compromising with working ethics.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect?

We are a process-oriented company and are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We focus on providing Data privacy as we are into KYC data, insurance company data, and banking data. We are also committed to providing quality services within the set timeline. The team is mostly Myanmar and are fresh graduates and we guide them to enable efficient communication with clients. As an organisation, we have grown from a nine-member team to having five hundred members in the company in two offices within the country.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

I see a lot of opportunities in Myanmar because there is need of digitalisation as of now and we are started in the directions. We have immense chances of reforms in government sector, electricity, transportation, National Database, education, etc. We are advising people to have patience and put strategies forward to support the government and private sector so that we can reach a good level of digitalisation in Myanmar.