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Edotco Signs Landmark Deal with Ooredoo Myanmar

Edotco Myanmar, an integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Myanmar signed with Ooredoo Myanmar, a telecommunications service provider to take over energy assets and management on 1,250 telecommunications tower sites across the country. This milestone agreement marks a significant step for Edotco in Myanmar, where it will now be able to provide and manage energy for all tenants on these sites. The consolidation of systems is set to not only enhance operations but also create energy and environmental efficiencies. “This is a significant shift in business model for Edotco in Myanmar as we move from providing tower services to tower plus power services. By operating and maintaining the overall power management systems, we will be able to optimize energy systems and energy pass through management at the sites. Apart from that, Edotco will provide remote monitoring which will boost operational efficiency by allowing us to address energy management issues as and when they occur, helping to reduce network downtime” said Vijendran Watson, Country Managing Director for Edotco Myanmar.

In addition to increasing operational and energy efficiencies, through sharing energy systems with all tenants Edotco will simultaneously improve community relations by reducing noise and environmental pollution caused by multiple operators owning individual diesel generators on sites.

We benefit from energy efficiencies, lower downtime and improved experience at both an operational and environmental level through improved overall performance of the power systems at the sites. This partnership with Edotco allows us to focus on meeting our operational and customer’s needs with confidence that Edotco will be efficiently managing all our energy needs on these sites” said Vikram Sinha Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Myanmar.

“Across the countries in which we have a presence, our efforts go beyond the provisioning and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructures. We see an opportunity to increase efficiency through our solutions that place a strong emphasis on energy management, which is a crucial requirement by network operators today. As a socially responsible business, we are committed to championing solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and communities surrounding our towers” said Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer, Edotco Group.