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160 Billion Kyats Allocation for Hydropower Projects


160 billion Kyats (~$55m) will be spent on in the /24 , according to the current Budget. The projects to be implemented in the 2023/24 financial year included Shweli-3, Thahtay, and Upper Kengtawng Projects.

In addition, 1.5 billion Kyats has been slated for the survey of new hydropower projects, 230 billion Kyats on substations and power cable lines, 127 billion Kyats on electricity supply and 2.7 billion Kyats on the maintenance of dams and hydropower plants.

Without sufficient supply of electricity across the country, the country will never get out of the poverty trap. Even African countries with years of development that started well behind Myanmar, are now having 24×7 electrical supply in all their major cities.