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Yoma Bank Launches New Features of SMART

One year ago, Yoma Bank launched SMART, a digital banking product with benefits for its customers. Yoma Bank was the first bank in Myanmar to launch a bank account opening application via an easy online application process. Applicants can conveniently submit the SMART account application form online and initiate the application process prior coming to any Yoma Bank branches to complete the process. After one full year of a successful introduction of SMART and over 120,000 customers later, additional new features like SMART payroll and SMART salary advance are being added to elevate the customers’ SMART experience.

Hal Bosher, the Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Yoma Bank said, “Smart is Yoma Bank’s first digital channel and it allows us to offer services to customers, who do not have immediate access to a Yoma Bank branch. With access through an MPU network of 3,000 ATMs and 30,000 Wave Money agents, we are offering unparalleled access to our customers. Additionally, we offer remote onboarding, Wave Money integration, and zero ATM or POS fees. We are confident that Smart will be very competitive and will set the standard in the Myanmar marketplace.

” Now, SMART is adding new innovative features for its users. Mark Flaming, Chief Digital Advisor of Yoma Bank said, “At Yoma Bank, we work hard to design services that work for our customers. We are excited to launch SMART payroll with salary advance for employees. And we are piloting our new Smart Credit product that will provide personal credit for all Yoma Bank customers.

” The recently added SMART payroll service lessen employers’ internal payroll processes by simply having Yoma Bank manage their monthly employees’ payrolls. On top of having access to the full benefits of SMART, employees benefit from having the option to receive a salary advancement of up to 20% of their basic monthly salary from Yoma Bank conveniently and instantly via the Yoma Bank Mobile Application App.