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FWP Research Offers Advertisers in Myanmar Companies Yearbook Vol-2

Myanmar Companies Yearbook Vol-1 is an encyclopedia with over 700 pages containing information on 1,000 excellent companies, businessmen, Myanmar government and a summary of new laws written by a lawyer.

FWP Research plans to publish Vol-2 in this December and Vol-2 can promise further growth for your business. For advertising, FWP Research will introduce the company information (general information, description of business, etc.) under the chapter of Company Information and the executives under the chapter of Business Leaders with their business ideas and visions. Advantages

  1. Your company will be introduced as a priority in business matching with foreign embassies and commerce chambers.
  2.  Being an annual issue gives your company an effective long-term advertisement.
  3.  Yearbooks are presented according to the advertisement rates. You can also share the books with your affiliated companies.
  4.  Myanmar Companies Yearbook is well read by managerial/ executive levels and investors in many countries. Only first 50 Companies will be included in Myanmar Companies Yearbook Vol-2. FWP Research’s Contribution FWP Research has also contributed t h e Y e a r b o o k s t o M y a n m a r Government, Foreign Embassies and UMFCCI at the present time.