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Yangon – Mandalay Commuters to Enjoy around 8 hours by Journeys 2023

On February 10, Japan based trading company Marubeni and train maker Transys have signed a $ 64 million deal and announced that they will supply Myanmar Railways with 24 train cars for an ongoing railway project in Myanmar. The 24 trains cars will be used for a section of the line that runs from Yangon to Taungoo, which longed about 270 kilometers.

Spoken person from Myanma railways said “new 24 trains, which are custom made and design for Myanmar, were bought under the fund of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan. We will be buy up to 200 train cars.” He added some train cars will be imported by 2020 and companies will take care of training for engineers who are responsible for driving and maintenance.

ODA is broadly divided into bilateral aid, in which assistance is given directly to developing countries, and multilateral aid, which is provided through international organizations. According to authorized person from Myanmar railways, Myanmar railways and Japan’s ODA have signed loan agreement for a loan in 2014. The programme includes a lot of work, such as adding stone to the railroad and upgrading it and the traffic lights guiding the roads which intersect the railway as well as the gates guiding the traffic flow.

There are three phases for the scheme. The first priority is to build the Yangon-Taungoo line, covering 166 miles; then Taungoo-Yamaethin track will be constructed, spanning 118.5 miles, followed by 100 miles between Yamethin-Mandalay

Currently, it took seven hours to travel between Yangon and Taungoo. Railroad travel time will be cut off to three and a half hours by 2020.

According to Foreign Minister of Japan Taro Kono, the travel time between Yangon and Mandalay will also be cut off to eight hours. Currently, it took 15 hours to travel between Yangon and Mandalay. He expressed his statement at joint press conference where State Counsellor, Aung San Su Kyi and Tara Kono, Foreign Minister of Japan attended in Nay Pyi Taw on January 12. Myanma Railways launched its new Yangon-Mandalay service with diesel electric locomotives and carriages bought from China in 2016. The contract between Myanmar and China was cost around $12.3 million.

The project is targeted to be completed in 2023. Faster railway programme is aimed at raising the living standards of the Myanmar people.