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Interview with Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin Founder and Group CEO (Index Creative Village Public Company)

Name : Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin

Position : Founder and Group CEO (Index Creative Village Public Company)


When did you first visit Myanmar and what was your impressions back then?

My first time in Myanmar was 19 years ago. I was impressed by the charm of the country. When Myanmar opened the country, I saw a lot of opportunities so I decided to expand my business here. During the past 19 years, I have made countless trips to the country both for business and vacation. I have also witnessed tremendous changes every time I come.

What do you think of Myanmar now?

The country is growing very fast. Everything is changing very fast as well. The infrastructure has become a lot better compared to a few years  back. The lifestyle of the people has dramatically changed because the internet and technology have become accessible and affordable. I can also see a lot of development in terms of real estate and construction—more developed residential and office towers, hotels and shopping malls.

Could you tell me more about your duties and responsibilities in the company?

I’m basically the head of the company which means I have to do everything from managing the organization and be a representation of the company. Work wise, I think, create projects and pass on to responsible departments.

Index Creative Village is in ASEAN countries other than Myanmar what are the differences between working in Myanmar and other countries?

Every country has their own uniqueness and different style in working. Before we go into a market, we need to study the culture, understand the tradition, working style, and most importantly understand the customers. So, we will be able to create the right work to the right customers. The major difference   in working in Myanmar compared to other Asean countries is how to catch up with the rapid changes, occurring in the country.

What kinds of service does Index Creative Village provide for local and international companies?

We provide all marketing related services such as market research, event marketing, PR and communication, digital and online, TV and multimedia, innovation and in-store media, printing and store decoration and equipment supply. Moreover, we also do trade and exhibitions as well. What kind of projects are you currently working on? At the moment, we have four trade fairs coming up this year, Myanmar International Tourism Expo in July, Myanmar FoodBev in August, Myanmar Retail and Sourcing Expo in August, and Myanmar Build and Décor in October. Apart from this, mainly, we serve our clients in different projects.

Who are your major clients?

Our major clients are from both governmental and private sectors.

How do you secure high profile clients?

In my opinion, the client comes to us for our creativity and professionalism. We have been known in Thailand and abroad for offering something new to the market and always deliver what we promise.

W h a t i s t h e t a r g e t market segment for Index Creative Village in Myanmar?

We aim for both local and international companies who seek to offer difference and creativity.

Who are your major competitors and what are your competitive strategies?

Our major competitors are both local and international agencies in Myanmar. For us, we place importance on creativity. We have our own innovation and creative lab in Bangkok to help support  Myanmar team in bringing out the best for every project.

What is your view on the PR Industry in Myanmar?

PR industry in Myanmar is growing much more with many new players coming in to the market from both local and international. However, I believe there are still opportunities for us as PR is still a new thing for many companies here.

What are your future expansion plans and projects for the company in Myanmar?

We have several of the plans in line which are still in the process of negotiation. We will definitely disclose once everything is confirmed.

From a business standpoint, what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing you and your team over the next 1-3 years?

I would say the biggest challenge would be the government policy for foreign investors to operate the businesses in Myanmar. The policy is still quite restricted compared to other countries. If you could make one major changes to a government policy, what would it be? If I could change, it would be an investment policy for foreign companies in Myanmar.