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Wired up with Partners Interview with Wired Media Myanmar and Rifle Company

Name – Santhana Jittikant

Position – Managing Director

Nationality – Thai


MI: When was you first visit to Myanmar and what was your first impression back then?

I first visited Myanmar last year and my first impression of the country was the fast developing pace mixed with rich golden culture and traditional Buddhism practices.

MI: What do you think of Myanmar now?

Myanmar is the fastest growing economy in the region in terms of foreign investment and infrastructure expansion. Myanmar is situated in a strategic location, surrounded by two key countries of the world. So it’s a great opportunity for Myanmar to be a business center in this region.

MI: How did you end up in the current position at Wired Media Myanmar?

I have decided to join with Wired Media Myanmar because I am deeply fascinated by the opportunities and challenges in this newly opened country. I would like to bring in the know-how and build up opportunities for the local community and for Wired Media Myanmar.

MI: Can you describe your primary responsibilities?

My primary responsibilities include setting up the standards of working by giving opportunities for local staffs, training them to be ready for managerial positions in their fields. I value them. Moreover, I have to also build up business’ opportunities for the company beyond advertising and PR.

MI: What kind of services Wired Media provide for local and International Companies?

“Total business solutions,” driving our clients’ business expansion and delivering the best values back to Myanmar people. We are working beyond advertising and PR. We are acting as consultants for a brand since the set up of client’s business in Myanmar market and seeking for beneficial products to enhance the quality of life here. It’s all about delivering the values back to local people, client business and Wired Media Myanmar.

MI: What kind of projects is your team currently undertaking?

We have several client partners working with us now for creating better choices for local people. Those are foods, chat application, airline carrier, household goods, mobile phone, FMCG, etc. They have different objectives based on current situation of company vision, market environment and demand, change of consumer’s behavior, awareness, perception, attitude, etc. We are working 4 tiers; Brand level (For Brand Building), Thematic level (for new product launch), Tactical level (sale and promotion) and Ad hoc (short period or market testing). MI: Who are the major clients of Wired Media? CP, LINE Chat Application, Bangkok Airways, 3K Battery, Huawei, DITP (Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce), Royal Thai Government are the major ones.

MI: How do you secure such high profile clients?

We are their true partners and taking the role of a consultant beyond advertising and PR. As I mentioned earlier, we support them since the beginning business set up. MI: What is your target market segment? We are the “Total Solution”. We do not limit ourselves as an advertising and PR agency. We are flexible to be a business consultant and ready all the time to serve the market and new demand. We are not competing with anyone. We are their partners to win business together and bring the value to people in the end.

MI: From a business standpoint, what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing you and your team in next 1-3 years?

The market will definitely have more players and competing with price-cutting strategy that caused the margin gap being reduced. However, increasing number of multinational companies will bring in the good quality of products and stimulate new market demand furthermore. Therefore, the biggest challenge is well-blended between world class service standard, international knowhow and local understanding or expertise. The success from developed countries does not mean that they will be successful in Myanmar market with the same working model.

MI: Who are your major competitors and what are your competitive strategies?

We are never treating anyone as competitor. We can be a partner with anyone to win the market and deliver the successes to clients, partner, stakeholders and the local people. Our strategy is partnering with ones who can enhance the business value and deliver the best result for every party.

MI: What is your view on media ads market in Myanmar?

The media ad in Myanmar is significantly growing up, not just only traditional media (TV, Journal, Radio, out of home such as billboard, light box, taxi, wrap, buswrap etc.) but also digital that has the highest growth comparing to other media because of high growth of smartphone users and better coverage of telecom services. Additionally Myanmar’s lifestyle spending more time with internet, especially in social media, will  be a big influencer in their lives.

MI: What are your future expansion plans and projects for the company in Myanmar?

Actually, we already did for some clients. We believe in the “CONTENT” or exciting story relevantly to Myanmar’s insight. We will gear towards “CONTENT” developer as starter of works’ development and treat the media as the channel to reach consumers. So the CONTENT is not about advertising and PR message, it can be stories through TV program, music, game, concert, sport, etc. The good CONTENT should bring the VALUES to consumers, not just only to the brand and sale.

MI: In which ways working in Myanmar different from working in any other countries?

Personally, I think Myanmar is totally different from other countries because Myanmar economy is growing up in short-cut way, not step by step. We cannot use the successful working model form other agencies to completely apply in Myanmar market. Our key strategic challenge is to come and stay to get the real touch of Myanmar. Then we can develop the strategic plan.

MI: If you could make one major change to any government policy, what would it be?

At this moment, we are so happy for the very warm welcome for all foreign investors. That will definitely help develop Myanmar’s economy actively.

MI: What are the critical success factors in media sales business?

Developed infrastructures are expanding making all Myanmar and brand owners become closer. Also there are better opportunities to give more choices to consumers. Media will have more opportunities to reach nationwide, not clustering just only in 3 major cities; Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw.