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Vpower Signed with Myanma Electric Power Enterprise

March 11 – Vpower Group signed two power generation agreements with state Myanma Electric Power Enterprise in the Naypyidaw to add another 180MW power output to the country. The company won for two power generation projects (the gas plant extension in the Special Economic Zone of Kyauk Phyu and the other in Myingyan) in October 2015. The Kyauk Phyu Phase 2 power plants will double the power generation capacity to 90MW by Summer 2016. The additional power will be fed directly to the existing 230kV transmission network. The original turnkey facility was installed in just 120 days, providing enough power to service more than six million people.

In August 2015, the project won Fast-track Power Plant of Year and Gas Power Project of the year by Asian Power Awards. Kyauk Phyu is a Myanmar special economic zone (SEZ) in Rakhine State, spanning 4,000 acres and is the gateway which links up China and countries in Europe by sea.

Myingyan site is within the Mandalay Division in Central Myanmar. The gas power plant is set to power the state-owned steel mill with the surplus power to feed the existing 230kV transmission grid.

Upon completion, it will be one of the largest containerized gas plants in the country, providing power for local industrial operations and the national grid.

The two Myanmar projects are among the three invest-build-operation (IBO) power plants constructed in parallel by VPower.

The use of natural gas resources over traditional fuels makes the two power plants significantly more cost-effective with less adverse impact on the environment. The latest gas engine technologies are employed, making the VPower modules one of the most economical gas power installations on the market. Kenny Li, Regional Director of VPower, stated that “We are excited to have the opportunity to help power the development of one of Southeast Asia’s fast-growing economies”. He added “our gas-powered units are fitted with advanced MTU gas engines and delivers power at one of the best efficiencies for its category. Bringing energy solutions fast and cost effectively to support the local government’s commitment to meet target power generation capacity is among our key focus.” Currently, power production in the whole country can only provide power for less than 35% of the population.

VPower is one of the leading distributed power providers in the region, this deal adds another milestone for the company, following major power plant projects in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Africa. It is also a system integrator of power generation systems and invests in high efficiency, eco-conscious power generation technologies. Established in 2001, VPower now offers one of the most cost-effective engine-based power with industry-leading generation efficiencies. It is headquartered out of Hong Kong and employs over 800 employees worldwide.