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Fuji Xerox Asia appointed a Brand Ambassador

March 25 — Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific (Myanmar Branch) announced the appointment of Ni Ni Khin Zaw as the Brand Ambassador to start new branding campaign under its slogan, “Make Myanmar More Colorful”. This campaign slogan represents the company’s strong commitment to Myanmar and the company promises to develop advanced eco technologies and provide variable CSR activities to make a brighter future together. The new campaign aims to achieve a nation-wide awareness of Myanmar customers that Fuji Xerox, No.1 market share in Asia Pacific, provides full line up of industry-leading digital printing products, global quality services and variable business solutions in order to respond various customers’ requirement in Myanmar.

In 2016, Fuji Xerox extends support capability to all major cities and all customer segments that include SOHO, medium to large enterprise, government offices and professional printing companies.

Fuji Xerox conducts its own CSR activities to provide learning materials to Myanmar children, aiming to help resolve educational disparity. Fuji Xerox plans to distribute a total of 16,000 learning materials to 4,000 children in the country by 2020, supported by the brand ambassador. Fuji Xerox also started “Clean Up Mandalay Project” to solve serious garbage problem by supporting garbage collection services in the second biggest city in Myanmar.