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Threads’ Rollercoaster Ride

Threads, Meta’s new social media platform, had a remarkable start with over 100 million user account openings in under a week. However, the initial excitement seems to be fading as the number of active users dropped from 49 million on July 7 to just under 24 million. Users are spending less time on the app, with average browsing time decreasing from 21 minutes to six minutes.

The drop in active users was expected due to Threads’ similarity to Twitter, but the lack of unique features and accessibility issues give Twitter a significant advantage. To combat spam attacks, Threads recently announced the implementation of rate limits, but users have been complaining about crypto scam advertisements and spam threads.

Meta remains optimistic about Threads’ future, focusing on improving basics and retention. However, experts suggest that the app’s lack of a unique selling proposition and recycled content from Twitter make it less appealing to users. Threads’ engagement in the US and the UK has also declined, and its growth seems to be stagnating.

While Threads attracted attention initially, it faces challenges to retain users and compete with Twitter’s dominance. Meta needs to go beyond Instagram’s “walled garden” and provide distinctive value to create a loyal and engaged user base. Whether Threads can overthrow Twitter remains uncertain, but the app must offer more to convince users to switch platforms.

Despite the drop in active users, Meta’s CEO believes that Threads can still succeed by tapping into its vast Instagram user base. As the competition in the social media landscape intensifies, Threads’ long-term success will depend on its ability to offer something truly unique and appealing to users.