Interview with Nocolas Delange
Managing Director of Yever

When was your first visit to Myanmar and how has the country changed since then?

My first time in Myanmar was in 2010, just before the elections, and I will remember all my life, my first vision of Myanmar. I was traveling from Kunming, discovering the Burma Road to Mandalay. When I arrived at the border, in Ruili, I was watching the Myanmar side, and the contrast with China was mesmerizing: the buffalo carts, the darkness, finally, it was time for me to enter and discover your fabulous country.

In 2010, I couldn’t buy a sim card: I was too poor and could not afford to spend thousands of dollars to get one. In Yangon, it was convenient to drive because, at that time, there was no traffic. It was not possible to withdraw money from ATM, and I had to exchange my dollars in unofficial money changers. It was just 9 years ago; this is fascinating to see how fast the country changed.