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Smart Watch(Combination of Fashion and Technology)

Today we cannot stay away from Technology. Technology is essential in our daily lives. Technology can help us to be more convenient than our lives long ago. The gigantic growth of technology gives way to variety of electronic gadgets. Among them, smart watch is worth mentioning in the list of human inventions. A Smart watch is a wearable which can run mobile apps. It can also be used as media players, including playing FM radio, audio files and many other works connecting with other smart phones.

Apple Watch


Like many others apple products, apple watch is popular among the users. The watch OS feels fresh and you can wake the display only raising your wrist slightly. It is designed with simple gestures such as zooming and panning. Navigation is fluent and responsive. Then, application arrangement is simple and orderly. A Retina display of apple watch can offer the incredibly high pixel density that can make numbers and text easy to read at one glance. When you connect it with your iPhone, it can offer more than telling time and weather. You can receive real-time notifications for incoming mail, messages and calls. Then, you can always swipe down to see any notifications you may have missed. The battery life is 18 hours, almost a day. Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor, GPS and accelerometer can recognize your daily activities. There have many kinds of models and designs. The price differs based on designs and models. 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band costs US$349. The watch is now available in Apple Online stores.


Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S surface is structured with curved Super AMOLED display. You can also alternate between different clock faces.It can support 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can receive calls and messages even when you are away from your Phone. Its keyboard can accommodate 69 languages. Gear S can also used as our own personal fitness monitor. Gear S has 4 GB memory storage and 512 MB RAM. According to Samsung the battery life is close to 48 hours. You can buy Gear S in two different colors, White and Blue Black. Samsung Gear S costs $299.99 with free shipping in Amazon online shopping.

Sony Smart Watch 3

S ony, one of the biggest smart phone marker introduced its news smart Watch 3 which has two versions, rubber-strapped version and stainless steel version. Rubber- strapped looks more sporty than fashionable while stainless steel version is the best for people who like the weighty assurance of luxury metal watches. You can also adjust it to fit with your wrist like any other normal watches. The display is a 1.6 inch, 320x 320 LCD affairs. The best point of Sony Smart Watch 3 is its GPS connectivity. It is the best for who want to accurately track their run without the need of taking their smart phone with them. It has 4 GB storage. Sony said that its battery last two days and its charger is via Micro USB. Like most of the Sony products, Sony Smart Watch 3 also consists of waterproof system. They can last 30 minutes in water at a depth of 1m. The price of smart watch 3 rubber-strapped version is US$249.99 and stainless steel version is US$399.

LG Watch Urbane

L G Watch Urbane is one of the popular smart watches in 2015. The Display is 1.3″ Full Circle P-OLED and processor is 1.2 GHz Quad-Core. Its 1.3″ Full Circle P-OLED display can support amazing image clarity all day long, even in bright sunlight. LG Watch Urbane also includes water and dust resistant system. Thus, you can wear it every time and everywhere whatever you like. Slim and powerful 410mAh battery is included in it. You can also receive the calling and messages and check flight updates and boarding pass and notifications from Facebook and others social applications when you are away from your smartphone. Its classic design, stainless steel body and leather strap, are perfect for people who want to wear old- fashioned style watch. You can order it in Amazon online store at US$349.99.