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Opera Mini Browser in Telenor Sim card saves mobile data costs

“Mobile data cost can be saved by using Opera Mini Browser in Telenor Sim card when suffering internet for viewing online websites and searching news”, said Telenor Myanmar’s Chief Executive Officer,

Petter Furberg.

He also said that, “Opera can compress the data and web pages for users so that they can reduce the cost, moreover, mobile inter- net connection will be faster and smoother.” In Telenor, internet costs are charged on data download size and this powerful browser software can reduce up to 80% of data size than others.

Opera software’s CEO, Lars Boilesen said, “Our product didn’t open directly the web- sites that are searched by the users. It only opens after compressing the size of websites

up to 90% via Opera Server. That’s why it can save money and can use fast.”

By using Opera Browser, users can enjoy Smart page function where local news and current affairs can be seen. This program is created by Telenor together with Opera team.

Opera Mini does not work well with Javas- cript. But it works well with many larger websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Google, etc.

Telenor Myanmar has signed on to the Face- book Zero and Wikipedia Zero and allowing Telenor users to have unlimited free access to these sites. Subscribers of other networks like Ooredoo and MPT can use Opera Mini, but they cannot able to access Facebook Zero and Wikipedia Zero for free.

Telenor is introducing Opera Mini browser

that can reduce the bandwidth crunch to its users on mobile phone while two other telecom companies Ooredoo and Telenor, are facing complaints for poor bandwidth. Telenor internet costs 6 kyats per MB (for

normal internet speed) and 10 kyats per MB (for high speed of the Internet). Opera Mini can be downloaded for free on www.telenor. com.mm.