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JustLogin Has Come Up with Paperwork Proof Technologies for HR Functions

Singapore’s top cloud-based Human Resources () Software, , has come to Myanmar to assist companies with automation of HR functions. has provided HR Solutions for 20 years, and it has been used by a number of Myanmar companies for close to two years. “We look forward to expanding our services in Myanmar,” said CEO Kwa Kim Chiong in his speech at the event held on September 4. “ makes HR management easy to use, so managers and HR professionals can avoid messy paperwork and increase their productivity, which allows them to devote more time and effort to employee welfare and the direction of their business. By providing an HR solution that is scalable and comprehensive yet easy to use, setup, and maintain, we believe that we can be a great asset to Myanmar businesses regardless of their size or industry.”

“JustLogin is a one stop solution for all the HR functions we need,” said Jody Cheong, HR Executive at JustLogin customer Kotobuki. To serve its clients’ needs, JustLogin offers a fully integrated system of software modules, including JustPayroll, JustLeave, JustClock, JustExpense, JustBenefit and JustPeople. The software performs regular backups to cloud-based servers so that up-to-date information is always available. It is also highly secure, with regular software updates and ISO27001-certified encryption on all servers to ensure the safety of sensitive business and employee information.

Smartphones and mobile internet have spread rapidly in Southeast Asia, and nowhere faster than Myanmar, where 33 million people – 66 percent of the population – are now mobile internet users. This newly connected populace creates a receptive environment for convenient mobile apps as well as accelerating the development of SMEs and the country’s journey towards the digital economy. “Many SMEs do not have the financial resources and manpower to set up a system and team to manage the basic HR functions, so we are able to provide an affordable and effective solution with cloud that enables them to operate,” added by JustLogin Marketing Manager, Kwa Yi Ting.