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It doesn’t scream “look at me” It says “let

It’s sleeker than ever, yet more elegant. More substan- tial in size, space and safety, yet lighter and more nim- ble. From the Star in its grille to the sculpture of its tail lamps, it’s a shape that says there’s a new benchmark for luxury sport sedans. And in both luxury and sportiness, the experience upholds everything its style promises.

It goes with the flow. And flows with the go. Its wide, cas- cading console is more than an aesthetic triumph. It over- powers you with an unimaginable breadth of information, entertainment and enjoyment. There is also evidence that new cabin has grown roomier by adding actual space, not by visual trickery. Richly modern finishes yields innovative comforts, to rejuvenate all of your senses.

And yes, it makes you the center of attention. From behind the wheel, every control is ideally placed to please the la- tent enthusiast in you. Crisp gauges and displays are ideally aligned for a quick read, through the thick 3-spoke steer- ing wheel. And whether changing gears or adjusting your driving soundtrack, your hands need not stop enjoying their grip on its Nappa leather-wrapped rim.

Five driving modes. For all your driving moods. With the touch of one button, the new AGILITY SELECT lets you dial in numerous facets of the car’s driving character to your lik- ing. ECO, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes offer various shift points, throttle mapping, steering feel and ECO Start/ Stop system. You can even set up an Individual mode with full manual shifting via the standard paddles.

More haste, less waste. More torque, less pork. There’s a new family of overachievers under the C-Class hood. A new 241- hp turbo-4 in the C300 boosts power and torque by 20%. And the new 329-hp biturbo V-6 in the C400 outruns many V-8s. And yet both offer higher mpg and lower emissions, thanks to advances like high-pressure Direct Injection, rap- id-multispark ignition, and ultralow friction.

Listens to your fingers. Speaks to your senses. An intuitive new touchpad and slim screen deliver numerous entertain- ment, navigation and vehicle options via multi-finger gestures and animated displays. An optional Head-Up Display puts valuable information closer to your line of sight. Clever FrontBass® technology teams with available Burmester® surround sound to keep your ears excited, too.

Protective by nature. Predictive by innovation.

For decades, Mercedes-Benz has spreadheaded the safety standards of the future. The new C-Class can literally look ahead, and 360 degrees around, to spot hazards in your path. A team of standard and optional systems can alert the driver, assist in braking, and even respond autonomously to help avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians. Watches the driver ahead. And the one behind the wheel. Standard COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS uses the radar to continually monitor traffic ahead. If it detects that you’re approaching a slower vehicle too quickly, it alerts you to brake. It can even start braking for you, to help lessen a possible collision. ATTENTION ASSIST® keeps its “eyes” on you, alerting you if it senses that you’re getting drowsy. Constant connections, to set you free.

From your car, computer or smartphone, mbrace® con- nects you and your car. And it does it in the same way you already connect with the world: With an ever-growing rouge of apps. Remote vehicle features. The search help of Google® and Yelp, and assistance in an emergency. Stan- dard mbrace® includes a trial subscription to the three mbrace Packages.