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Myanmar to issue 5,000 kyat banknote in new design

The Central Bank of Myanmar will issue 5,000-kyat banknotes with a new design aimed at increasing its security and prevention of forgery, state radio and TV reported on 11th September.

In a bid to prevent forgery and boost security, the Central bank of Myanmar will issue newly designed 5,000 kyat currency notes starting 1 October. The improved elements in the latest design include a new security thread and watermark along with a new layer of varnish on both sides. The older 5,000 kyat bank notes, introduced in October 2009, will still be valid.

The Central Bank first introduced the 5,000-kyat banknote on Oct. 1, 2009.

There are 11 kinds of bank notes currently in circulation in Myanmar which are 1-Kyat, 5-Kyat, 10-Kyat, 20-Kyat, 50-Kyat, 100- Kyat, 200-Kyat, 500-Kyats, 1,000-Kyat, 5000- kyat and 10,000-kyat.

The new 5000 kyat notes will be water resistant and long lasting due to the vanish, and high-quality security thread and water- mark will make the currency note meet international security standards. The central bank found reveal instances of forgery especially of the 5000 kyat notes and has therefore decided to print new notes with enhanced security safeguards.