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Huawei Conducted 2nd Round of Media ICT Workshop

Huawei organized its 2nd round of media training workshops titled, “The Operational Usage and Advantages of Cloud Solution”, on May 6 at MICT Park Main Building, Hlaing Township. Attending media were also brought on a tour of the offices of Vanguard Myanmar to view firsthand how cloud technology powers business operations. 

Zhu Bo, Deputy General Manager of Huawei Myanmar said, “We are organizing media workshops to provide advanced knowledge on the ICT sector since the beginning of this year and thus far, we have seen an enthusiastic response from the media who are crucial to ensuring that the general public is well informed about its applications and benefits. Building on our success from earlier sessions, we were inspired to kick off the next round of workshops, which will better equip journalists to cover an industry that is making an impact on the country. Today, we have showcased our HUAWEI CLOUD at our partner Vanguard’s offices, to provide a glimpse into how ICT can be a catalyst to operational and commercial growth for businesses.” 

Tin Latt, MD of Vanguard Myanmar said, “Vanguard is a technology and business consulting firm. Our mission is to help our client to overcome their business challenges through technology solution. With partnership with Huawei Cloud we are able to provide our client with reliable and scalable solution for their digital transformation journey. Currently we are working with Huawei Cloud to offer managed services to our clients in the area of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and we are developing more value-added services, which can serve our clients better.” The workshops were initiated in support of enhancing the awareness level on ICT and to further raise sector knowledge amongst media practitioners. This workshop session also included training by professional and experienced trainers from the media industry in order to discuss insights about the challenges of reporting on a fast evolving and dynamic ICT industry.