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Guiding growth in Myanmar Interview with MKG Myanmar’s CEO R K Varma


MI : When was your first visit to Myanmar?

For a long time, I had been planning to visit Myanmar but due to busy schedule and engagement in other projects in other countries, I was unable to travel to this part of the world. Finally on 1st of April 2015 during a Board meeting, our Chairman Dato Sri Surendra Kumar Mahanty and other directors came to conclusion that I needed to be in Myanmar to head MKG Group operation as with every passing day we were growing in Myanmar.

MI : What was your impression of the country then?

The day I came here, I was really impressed by the business opportunities that we can find in Myanmar. It is heaven for young inspiring entrepreneurs. Other than business, the vast cultural diversity and the landscape beauty that Mayanmar holds is speechless.

MI:How did you end up as your current position?

I joined MKG Group as a director in Dubai and have been taking care of operation in different countries, as MKG started operation in Myanmar in September 2014, and the success we had during this short period and as we started getting more opportunities, our company needed someone who could guide our organization towards the growth and this way I came here as CEO to head MKG operating in Myanmar.

MI : Since when MKG has been operating in Myanmar?

MKG had been studying business prospects in Myanmar for last 2 years and were looking for the right opportunity and the day came that is in September 2014 in real terms when we were on ground with our operation team.

MI : What are MKG’s services for Myanmar?

MKG is capable to provide End to End solution for Oil & Gas and Telecom Industry which involves Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning along with other services such as Operation and maintenance.

MI : What are the current projects that your team has been working?

Currently MKG is executing telecom towers construction for one of the leading telecom providers in Myanmar and providing our services to keep the towers in running condition through maintenance of the existing facility, So that people using telecom services are never out of coverage.

MI : Please tell us more about your future plans and projects.

MKG at core is a construction company and has been dealing in OIL and GAS construction (Civil, Piping erection of equipment, Commissioning testing maintenance and many more activities related to OIL and GAS with major client in various part of the world. So we are looking to tap this growing opportunity in Myanmar and for that discussion is ongoing with many Oil & Gas companies in this field who have established there foothold in Myanmar.

We are doing feasibility study to establish an one stop solution for Fabrication workshop along with Skilled training center to cater the needs of the OIL and Gas Industry.

Trading in various commodity also is in the road map for our Myanmar operation.

MI : How do you deal with customers’ expectations here?

MKG have one mantra and its applicable through out the world were we work and part of our corporate policy “ We will provide high quality serviced through best practices while conducting our business in a responsible, safe and profitable manner with a target of zero harm to people and the environment” and “Total customer satisfaction through high quality high performance and cost effectiveness”.

MI : From a business standpoint, what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing you and your team in Myanmar in next 1-3 years?

Skilled manpower is the main constraint that we face. Construction industry needs highly skilled manpower with quality and safety awareness. Also other problem is the language when we are working in the remote location and MKG has decided to overcome both as we will be having Myanmar Language speaking course for expats and Skilled Training Center as our one of the future commitment to Myanmar.

MI : What effect do you think that the sudden influx of foreign companies/ nationals will have?

There will be competition between the company of the same industry which will directly benefit the customer and the consumer, also the local community will be getting more employment opportunity which will elevate living standards of the local resident. Transfer of skill will also happen from foreign nationals.

MI : What advice would you give to someone looking to start up a business and invest in Myanmar?

To a group who would like to start business and invest, my suggestion is to look around as lot of opportunity is waiting around to be grabbed in the respective field of expertise. There is huge scope for improvement in every field which will certainly payback in future and it’s the right time to enter.

MI : If you could make one major change to any government policy, what would it be?

In Myanmar, the major change that needs to be considered is the banking policy along with the ease of export and import and single window approval which can help Myanmar grow in a rapid pace.

MI : How are you enjoying your days in Myanmar?

I am enjoying the challenge and the opportunity in Myanmar and really loving the beauty of Myanmar that it holds along with the pleasant climate.[/paypal]