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Germany Aimed to Strengthen Business in Myanmar

In order to form a platform for Germany and Myanmar companies seeking busi- ness opportunities, Germany Myanmar Business Chamber – GMBC was launched on 15th May 2015 at the German Ambassador H.E Christian-Ludwig Weber-Lortsch’s Residence and more than 120 business leaders and entrepreneurs attended the ceremony. With more than 50 companies of founding members, GMBC will cooperate

with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce to help developing Myanmar’s private sector. GMBC expressed its purpose is to build an effective and powerful net- work in establishing and providing related contacts, sharing knowledge and practical experiences, providing a platform for dis- cussing issues and joint strategies as well as in promoting responsible and sustainable business practices. GMBC will also stand as

a platform on political level planning to discuss about advantageous framework conditions for both local and foreign companies. Jens Knoke, Founding President of the GMBC said, “The GMBC will work in a spirit of partnership. In order to succeed, German and Myanmar companies need tobe committed to sharing market insights, knowledge and networks with each other. The GMBC aims to foster this dynamic

interaction and collaboration”, he added, “Germany has a strong basis in manufacturing – a sector which needs to develop more strongly in Myanmar. While working on a strong market position in Myanmar, German member companies are committed to share know how on efficient technologies and management. Together, we hope to build responsible and sustainable business practices that will create multiple economic opportunities and long term progress for the country,”

Germany and Myanmar celebrated their 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2014. According to German trade statics, German exported a volume worth of €130 million last year while imports reached to nearly USD 100 million which is 79 percent increase from the year before. Germany mainly imports garments from Myanmar and its exports to the latter include electrical goods, machinery, chemical products, data-processing equipment, motor vehicles and pharmaceutical products. International companies like Bayer, BASF, Bosch, Henkel, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp are having interests in Myanmar’s consumer and industrial market. The Founding Executive Committee Members of GMBC are Jens Knoke (Henkel), Philipp Hoffmann (JJPun), Andre de Jong (Robert Bosch) and Christoph Steinwehe (LoiHein).