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KrisPLAZA’s Exclusive Launch in Nay Pyi Taw

KrisPLAZA Nay Pyi Taw, the joint-venture project by First Myanmar Investment Co. Ltd

(FMI) and Lighting Specialist Co. Ltd – Krislite announced the Grand Opening of the Sales Gallery of USD 24 million worth residential and commercial development on 8th May 2015. From 8th to 10th May 2015, KrisPLAZA held an exclusive launch for the purchases of the units with special prices. Sales for KrisPLAZA have already started in Yangon with over 114 condominiums have been sold out, according to the press release by KrisPLAZA.

Mr Gabriel Cheng, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, FMI said, “Together LSC-FMI see that Nay Pyi Taw has a great and pros- perous future, and KrisPLAZA will become part of that future.” U Kyaw Moe Naing, Managing Director of LSC, also commented, “Nay Pyi Taw is the city with the best infra- structure in Myanmar, embracing herself to be an advanced city as the capital of the na- tion. We anticipate embassies, international schools, hospitals and commercial complex-

es to be set up soon. KrisPLAZA will be a convenient and secure home and office for Myanmar and foreign companies and indi- viduals in this city.”

Over 1,000 hotels and inns have risen in

Nay Pyi Taw, the capital of the country and the city host notable events such as ASEAN Summit, ASEAN Business Summit and East Asia Summit in 2014 as well as Myanmar Gems Emporium that earned over USD 2.4

billion. Lighting Specialist Co. Ltd was es- tablished in 2004 in partnership with Singa- pore’s Krislite Pte Ltd.