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New KFC Attar Meal

Thingyan or Myanmar new year is just around the corner. Whether you are going to stay at home for spending time together with family or roaming around the city, there is always mouthwatering fried chicken KFC program.

KFC unveiled its newest campaign involving a new limited-time menu offered in connection with one of the country’s most wellknown and celebrated occasions: the Attar Thingyan. The new “Attar Meal” which is going to be the highlight in all KFC outlets this coming Thingyan.

The essence of the “Taste of Thingyan” campaign, according to KFC, is the Thingyan spirit of sharing fun and memorable moments among friends and family. This essence is well portrayed in the Attar Meal, a meal meant to be shared within a group of people for happy Thingyan moments packed with a sense of togetherness.

The Attar Meal consists of 10 pcs of chicken, 3 popcorn chicken, 5 fries/rice, and 5 drinks and will be offered in stores through to the end of Thingyan. Going even further than simply giving its signature meal a Thingyan name, KFC has incorporated another Thingyan tradition into the campaign by creating its very own version of the Mont Lone Yay Baw, a traditional Thingyan snack well known for the fun it brings and the group interaction it encourages. This creation is none other than KFC’s Hsu Lone Yay Baw, a non-edible representation of Mont Lone Yay Baw from which prizes or “Hsu” can be won.

A box of 5 Hsu Lone Yay Baw comes with every Attar Meal purchased, and one lucky person will win a surprise from within the Hsu Lone Yay Baw which he has picked. The Attar Meal also brings other delights. KFC Attar Towels, for use during Thingyan when people will need something to dry themselves, come with Attar Meal starting from March 8. There is also one additional surprise coming in April which will be revealed to KFC fans as the date approaches.

Creating an emotional link between KFC and Thingyan is part of the “Taste of Thingyan” campaign, says KFC, and for this reason, selected KFC outlets, such as KFC ONE (in IMA Building Downtown) and KFC Junction Square, will remain open during Thingyan, allowing fans to enjoy the taste of KFC during the holidays. Outlet opening hours will be shared on Facebook closer to the dates.

KFC says it will employ a full-blown communication strategy for the “Taste of Thingyan” campaign, integrating both offline media and online media channels to make the campaign impactful. “We are very proud of being able to launch such a fine campaign for one of the country’s most distinguished occasions and we expect the same spirit next year.”