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FMI Ranked Most Transparent Company in Myanmar

First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd (FMI) has announced that it has been ranked first among 100 large companies in Myanmar for transparency by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB).

In its annual Pwint Thit Sa report, MCRB assesses local companies on their overall transparency, including disclosure of policies regarding anti-corruption, human rights, health, safety and environment. FMI’s total score of 9.32 was the best in Myanmar this year, with FMI’s sister company Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) coming in second.

Theim Wai aka Serge Pun, FMI’s Executive Chairman remarked, “Transparency, integrity and accountability have always been core principles for FMI, and we are honored to be recognized this year as Myanmar’s most transparent company. As the first companylisted on the Yangon Stock Exchange, we hope to serve as an example of responsible business practices in Myanmar and raise the standard of corporate governance nationwide.”