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First Ever Gala Night of Myanmar National Real Estate Awards is Coming Soon

Myanmar National Real Estate Awards (), established by Shweproperty.com, allows all developers to be recognized both locally and internationally to support them in their sales and marketing of current and future projects. The VIP Corporate Launch of Myanmar National Real Estate Awards was held on May 28 at Novotel Max Yangon.                     

With the aim to annually celebrate and reward top property developers and construction companies across the country for their achievements and commitment to designs and innovations in the local property development industry, Myanmar National Real Estate Awards will be the first award of its kind in Myanmar. The brought over 300 distinguished leaders from Myanmar and international property development sector.

The MNREA is an inclusive awards program, across a national level recognizing all types of property development, rewarding applicants that contribute to the nation, economy, and property market.

Speaking at the launching event, “Nowadays when we do business, we have to go beyond profit. Please take care of environment,” said Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet, former Economic Advisor to the President of Myanmar.

Over the course of five months, the participating property developers and construction companies from both local and international will go through a selection process and the judging panel will be composed of 6 local and 4 international judges, headed by Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet and verified by Deloitte Myanmar to ensure transparency.

Speaking at the event, Richard Emerson, Managing Director of Emerson Real Estate, the head judge, said the judges will be looking for the highest standards of excellence, professionalism and innovation in each award category, by using internationally recognized standards for the judging and scoring.

With 10 judges, 53 prizes would be awarded determined by 23 different categories including heritage restoration, modern architectural design, environmental sustainability, and innovation for affordable housing, marketing campaign, and more.

The esteemed panel of Independent Judges, comprised mainly of Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet as the Honorary Judge, Richard Emerson as the Head Judge along with other Independent Judges from respective areas of real estate will identify projects and companies which have made unique changes in their areas of expertise.

The judging process follows receiving a number of applications for one-month-period from May 29 to July 31 which was extended to August 5, with an entry fee of 70$ per category. The short-listed candidates would be nominated a month before the Awards Gala that will be held at Novotel on October 4.