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Future Digital Landscape will be Discussed at Digital Initiative Launch Event

Given the tremendous opportunities for business brought by digital, EuroCham Myanmar, together with leading digital European companies, are co-organising the Official Launch of the recently created Digital Initiative (EMDI). The online event will take place on September 9, 2020. The key objectives of the EMDI Launch Event are to introduce the EMDI as a key actor in the digital ecosystem of Myanmar and align and inform about the digital strategy of the government by bridging the gap between supply and demand of digital knowledge and services.

The EMDI and its partners will offer a general overview of the state of digital in Myanmar and will share insights on best use of digital a wide-variety of sectors: agriculture, infrastructure and connectivity, recruitment, health, energy etc.

The panelists will include leading private sector representatives and government representatives from the department of trade including Sven Callebaut, International Trade Advisor to Department of Trade, who will be presenting MoC led initiatives on e-commerce.

The EMDI is proud to invite the business community and other relevant digital stakeholders to discuss the successive numerical revolutions and the future digital landscape of Myanmar. The event will also be an occasion for digital business decision makers to provide tools to seize the opportunities generated by digital for all economic sectors.

The European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (EuroCham) serves as the voice of European business in Myanmar. Its main mission is to significantly increase the presence of European companies in the country and to facilitate market access particularly for European SMEs– by advocating for member interests with the government and organisations in Myanmar, the ASEAN region and the EU.

Registration is free for EuroCham Myanmar Digital Initiative Launch Event.