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Economic development programs planned in Tada-U

Mandalay Regional Government has announced to carry out eco- nomic and trade development programs within 30 miles from Tada-U International Airport, near to one of ma- jor economic centers, Mandalay in central Myanmar. According to the Regional Chief Minister, the surrounding area of Tada-U has been situated in a geographically stra- tegic location of central Myanmar, being the center of national transportation and border-trading. In developing an economic zone near to the Tada-U airport, the govern- ment will focus on the programs in trans- portation sector as well as agricultural and livestock sector, aiming to export the latter products to international destinations via Tada-U hub. Mitsubishi, Japan Airlines and SPA Project Management have been awarded to upgrade the Tada-U Mandalay International Airport which is expected to become the logical hub of the country.