Interview with the Banker Leading Yangon Stock Exchange Project

Name: Shinsuke GOTO Nationality: Japanese Company: Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Brief Background Summary: Mr. Goto joined Daiwa Securities group, which provides individual and corporate clients with a wide...

Baukhtaw ,Yankin Township , Yangon, Myanmar.

Most tourists will say Bagan is their ideal travel destination but this could change within the next few years as the newly recognized ‘Pyu’ cities...

Vision for healthcare market An Interview with UMFCCI’s Vice President Dr Maung Maung Lay

Name: Dr Maung Maung Lay Main Companies: Ni Lay Naing Co., Ltd & Medical Busi- ness International Co., Ltd Profession: Medical Doctor Industry Role: Vice President of UMFCCI MI:...

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Interview with Yadvinder Singh, Founder & Chairman of YellowStone Xperiences Globally

“YellowStone Myanmar: Delivering Digital Solutions to Consumers with Cutting Edge Technology!”

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