Home Insider Baukhtaw ,Yankin Township , Yangon, Myanmar.

Baukhtaw ,Yankin Township , Yangon, Myanmar.

Most tourists will say Bagan is their ideal travel destination but this could change within the next

few years as the newly recognized ‘Pyu’ cities attract interests from those who opt to travel back and see what’s remain of the glorious ancient cities of Myanmar.

Three Pyu cities, recognized by the World Heritage Committee as world’s heritage cit- ies – Beikthano, Hanlin and Sri Ksetra are all located in Myanmar’s central belt. The old- est documents of Pyu culture were found in Beikthano. This city’s form and style are im- portant for understanding Southeast Asia’s prehistory, although it shapes seems not to have been unique in this region. Ancient cit- ies of this format can also be found in Cam- bodia, Thailand and Indonesia. Their identi- fying features are a fortified main inner city, surrounded by an extended outer city area. Numerous ornament earthen beads, ear- rings and necklace were found in Beikthano.