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Rangoon Bar, Peperoni Pizzeria and House of Singapura(HOS)

Finally, a latest hotspot appears in a swelling boomtown of cocktail con- noisseurs among the surge of expats
and newly affluent youth. Two-storey colo- nial-hip destination boasts a triumvirate of good food and booze by Rangoon Bar, in- cluding Peperoni Pizzeria and House of Sin- gapura at Annex B of Union Business Center (UBC), Nat Mauk Road, Bo Cho Quarter Ba- han Township in Yangon.
Rangoon Bar
As it is named “Rangoon Bar”, it cannot be deniable that there must be lots of glamor- ous things concentrated in this place like Yangon City.
The Rangoon Bar is split into two storeys with the total outdoor seating capacity of 38, whilst the indoor air-conditioned section on the second level sit another 12 on our high tables in front of the bar and 8 more on the 4 sets of Chesterfield sofas. Merged with Peperoni Pizzeria, the second storey boasts a sleek marble bar counter with a liquor dis- play directly above on an illuminated glass shelf, as well as galvanized steel tables for couple dining. This bar starts opening from 12pm till late.