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Application of Door-Step Market for Recycled Material Is Introduced

Myanmar’s first and foremost recycled material marketplace for Businesses, Myanmar Mobile Application was launched on September 25, 2019 at Zephyr Coffee and Restaurant. Myanmar is facing considerable challenges with the management of waste which is estimated that it will generate over 21,000 tons of per day, and over 60% of this will come from 3 major cities: Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw.

Recycle Myanmar is the platform for managing recycled material and offering long-term business opportunities. It is internet based mobile application for connecting buyer and seller of recycled materials. Since 2019, Digital platform of Recycle Myanmar has been used in Pyay for recycling recyclable materials and trash management. It is a free mobile application connecting sellers and buyers of recycled materials such as water bottles, plastic containers and cups, spoiled battery, newspaper and more.

“With Recycle Myanmar Mobile Application, buyers can effortlessly purchase recycle materials from the convenience of their mobile phone and no need to go around looking for recycle materials. Similarly, sellers can save time by selling their recyclable materials effortlessly from the convenience of their own home without need to go to the buyer anymore. When a buyer and seller of recycled materials are matched, trash being thrown out can be reduced and thus it is good for the environment as well,” said Pon Nya, developer of Recycle Myanmar Application.

This kind of Myanmar’s first eMarket Platform for Smart Waste Management and Recycling solutions for the informal sector can be operated on Smart Phones. has supported Recycle Myanmar through the Responsible Business Fund (RBF), an 18 billion Kyats Challenge Fund that has till date approved grant support for 504 projects to demonstrate the ‘business case’ for responsible investments by SMEs of Myanmar in areas such as: Energy Efficiency; Water use efficiency; Waste treatment and Recycling; Occupational Safety & Health (OSH); Food Safety; Managerial & Supervisory Skills; and Practical & Technical Skills.