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A new Curved and Ultra High Definition TV for a new era

Last week, Samsung had a launch for an exclusive event and ‘a world’s first’ and anybody who received an invita-

tion and was curious to know, had to make their way downtown to the newly renamed and refurbished Sule Shangri-La Hotel to discover what all the chatter and buzz was about.

Samsung launched the new Curved and Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV in South East Asia.

Why a curved TV you might ask? Well when you watch it you’ll immediately see that it’s natural feeling and combined that ultra high definition and the fact that this is an upgraded Smart TV and you’re in new ter- rain and it’s a surprisingly new experience.

It comes as no surprise that Samsung have been leading this field of television technology for the past eight years.

“This is the great year for the entertain- ment industry” said Mr. Nam Sik Ahn, Man- aging Director of Samsung Electronics Myanmar. “In 2014, Samsung is aiming to deliver the new quality UHD TV with the most natural feeling to date in South East Asia. With this television and our innovated sound system, we have advanced the experi- ence of family entertainment to the next level”.

Key to the UHD Curved TV is its ability to adapt to the region and it will range in size from 55 inches to 65. Myanmar viewers will have the most realistic and natural images in their living rooms to date. The curve design ensures the each viewer will feel like they are watching from the best seat position.

Normal distance between the viewer and TV is 3 to 4 meters and the Samsung Curved TV design is based on this fact. The radius of the curved TV is 4.2 meters and the viewer  will get the very best from results from this distance.

The combination of UHD and Curved design creates an amazingly brightness of colour, detailed presentation and the per- fect resolution to create a new and more natural experience.

Samsung PurColor TM technology in- creases the color-controlling capability up to 7 times higher. This will enhance details of displayed images.

Samsung UHD TVs provide resolu- tion of displaying images four times better than the Full HD ones. And also UHD TVs have the quality to maximize the UHD tech- nology.

Samsung is founding the UHD eco- system and the refreshing the market with investment and cooperation to pro-

vide high speed delivery of these features to users. For example, Samsung distributes the UHD Video Pack which includes the high- lighted videos from Fox and Paramount Pic- tures with 1 Terabyte Hard disk included in the TV.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is one of the world’s leading technology companies, creating fresh and new opportunities for people all over the world. Samsung is always willing to improve products and quality in TV, Smart phones, Tablets, PC, Camera, Healthcare equipment, LTE system and LED solutions with its commitment and creativity.

Currently Samsung is operating and em- ploying 286, 000 employees in 80 countries with an annual profit of US dollar 216.7 billion.