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The Heart of Yangon and Beyond

KHG Development will bring you the new IN address in the centre of Yangon, where design goes beyond dimensions.

The freehold luxury real estate project by KHG Development – INFINITY – rises out of the busy commercial capital and captures the essence of the incredible transformation of Yangon. At 28-storeys high, INFINITY is the tallest building in an area dominated by lower-rise accommodation. A high-end, purely residential condominium,IN- FINITY is strategically placed near the Embassy Zone and at the edge of Golden Valley on 77 Kabaaye Pagoda Road in Bahan Township , one of the most prestigious locations in the city. It commands privileged views of Shwedagon Pagoda, Inya Lake and Kandawgyi Lake. Being in the heart of Yangon, the cityscape from all floors seems to go on forever across the skyline, giving the impression that the property is simply boundless. INFINITY is the most sought-after address. With a manned reception, 24-hour security, a guardhouse, manage- ment office and security access control system, INFINITY offers a safe, comfortable environ- ment with excellent access to the delights of the city. . Set in a prime location for high-end occupiers who wish to be at the centre of what is happening in Yangon – and yet desire peaceful, luxury, upscale, contemporary living – Unlike many other real estate developers, KHG Development is giving buyers freehold ownership of BOTH the building and the land. The provision of facilities – such as the luxuriously appointed lobby and concierge area, as well as the spectacular INFINITY Sky Terrace – promises a resort feel to the property. The 16th floor comes complete with 3 pools, a play area, outdoor exercise area, gym, function room and barbecue area. be surprised if you sometimes forget that you are in a busy urban hub.

With floors crafted in two different patterns, interlaced vertically to give a dynamic con- figuration, every residence benefits from diagonally outward views. More than a skin-deep fac╠žade to the building, the property is literally chiselled at every level to show its beauty and from afar it appears like a brilliant cut precious stone. The jewel in the crown of INFINITY is the Sky Terrace located on – and covering – the entire 16th floor. It is a true gem. Feel like you are walking on air…The INFINITY Sky Bridge is the only point at which the towers – making up the property – interconnect. It takes you to a vast array of leisure amenities or you can just enjoy breathtaking scenes of the city.

Another wow factor is Dual-key units system. Dual-key units offer exceptionally well- thought-out options for growing or extended families, affording the luxury of space and privacy. Alternatively the adjoining unit can be utilised in many useful ways as Typical Family Unit+ Elderly Parents, Typical Family Unit+ Single Tenant, Typical Family Unit+ Home office.

Luxury Condominium Features International building design specifications ,Design with seismic (earthquake) and flood provisions ,Natural cross ventilation in all unit designs. KHG Development Co Ltd is the property development arm of KHG Holdings which is a financial holding entity founded in Myanmar and Singapore in 1990. With an impressive track record spanning 24 years, KHG Holdings has established a solid foundation in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia and Southern China. It is the driving force behind well-recognised local and international brands like Good Morning bread, Amico layer cake, Fresco, Max Cola (which is now operating under Coca-Cola), Special & Orchid tissues, MB biscuits, as well as being the sole distributor of Munchy Biscuit.

Besides major business activities in the manufacturing and distribution of fastmoving consumer goods, KHG Holdings has also garnered a strong position in other sectors with the Buy Now retail chain (phone shops), Singtech (smartphones, tablets & laptops), Blue Diamond cigarettes, and the packing and distribution of LPG gas for both domestic and indus- trial use. Additionally it is the appointed dealer of Samsung smartphones.