Interview with the Banker Leading Yangon Stock Exchange Project
by Charlie Greene
September , 2014

Name: Shinsuke GOTO

Nationality: Japanese

Company: Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Brief Background Summary:

Mr. Goto joined Daiwa Securities group, which provides individual and corporate clients with a wide range of financial ser- vices including brokerage, underwriting and M&A advisory, after graduating from Nagoya University, where he majored in clinical psychology as he initially wanted to become a counselor.

Mr. Goto spent two years in the corpo- rate finance department, five years in the IPO (Initial Public Offerings) department and a further five years in the corporate planning department, where he first be- came involved with Daiwa’s initiatives in Myanmar.

He also attended the executive education program of the Harvard Business School, USA.

Mr. Goto is married with three children. He and his wife have just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

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