Interview With Lucia Real-Martin, work and collaborate with ACCA stakeholders who work with professional acDirector, Emerging Markets
Charlie Greene
July , 2017

Name : Lucia Real-Martin, Director, Emerging Markets

Position : Emerging Markets Director of ACCA

Please tell us briefly about yourself.

I am the Director of Emerging Markets for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). I have been working in the accounting and finance profession for 13 years with the last 7 years at ACCA. My background is in Economics and International business. Originally from Spain, I now live in Australia where I have spent the past 17 years with my family. Before that, I spent almost ten years in the UK. I have been working in international business and development for over 20 years now, and I am very passionate about the richness that comes with learning from each other, whether people, organizations, societies and economies. That is why I deeply believe in what we do at ACCA, bringing international skills to the accounting and finance profession within emerging markets. It is very important we ensure the right governance and financial systems are in place to ensure the highest level of technical, leadership and ethical skills so that economic prosperity can thrive and allow society to progress in all areas of development. I have the privilege to work in a number of emerging economies, such as, India, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey and Myanmar to name but a few. I see tremendous talent and ambition that needs to be fostered and provided with opportunities.

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