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Myanmar is More Peaceful than United States According to Global Peace Index 2017

GPI 2017 (Global Peace Index) has released the ranking of independent states and territories according to their level of peace and tranquility. In their report, Myanmar was placed 104 jumping from 114 in previous year to 104 this year. Meanwhile United States dropped to 114 from 103 in the previous year.

GPI stated the reason for Myanmar improvement as “Following peaceful elections in November 2015, Myanmar has continued to make progress on its overall score. Democratization and the entrance of legitimate government (NLD) has helped reduce the likelihood of violent demonstrations and political instability. However, the risk of internal conflict remains as the army continued to have run-ins with Ethnic Armed Groups (EAG) with a peace process gradually developing”.

The rank of United States declined because of a deterioration in several indicators: the homicide rate, level of perceived criminality in society and the intensity of organized internal conflict and the increase levels of political polarization within the US political system.

The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland and the country has kept its the position since 2008. Syria is the world’s least peaceful country in this year. They also stated the world became more peaceful in the last year even though it has become significantly less peaceful over the last decade.