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Woodside Discovered Offshore Gas

Woodside announced that the Shwe Yee Htun-1 exploration well in Block A-6 in the Rakhine Basin, located in the western offshore area of Myanmar, has intersected a gross gas column of approximately 129 meters. Approximately 15 meters of net gas pay is interpreted within the primary target interval. The well reached the planned original total depth (TD) of 4810 meters, referenced from the rig rotary table. Following drilling, wireline logging was conducted and confirmed the presence of a gas column through pressure measurements and gas sampling. The well was subsequently deepened to a final TD of 5306 m. The well was spudded on November 27, reached its original target on December 23 and wireline logging was concluded on December 29. Shwe Yee Htun-1, in Block A-6, targeted one of many identified channel complexes that run over a large anticlinal feature, the Saung Anticline.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said “Further analysis will be undertaken to understand the full potential of the well, but this de-risks a number of leads which will now be matured. This discovery is an encouraging outcome for future exploration and appraisal activity in the area.”

Woodside has interests in six blocks in the Rakhine Basin (details below). The six permits make up 46,000 square kilometers and represent 20% of Woodside’s global exploration acreage.

Block Woodside Myanmar BG1 MPEP2 MPRL Daewoo3 Total4


 Block Woodside Myanmar BG1 MPEP2 MPRLMPRL Daewoo3 Total4
 A-6  40%5  –  –  20%  –  40%
 AD-7  40% 6  –   60% (operator) 6 –  –
 A-7  45%(operator)  45%  10%  –  –
 AD-5  55%(operator)  45%  –  –  –  –
 A-4  45%  45% (operator)  10%  –  –  –
 AD-2  45%  55% (operator)  –  –  –  –