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The New Electric Tram car

The official launch of first commuter tram was held on January 10 at Wardan Jetty stop on Kannar Road. This event was attended by the Union Minister of Rail Transportation, permanent secretary for the ministry, other ministers from Yangon regional division, Japan Ambassador for Myanmar and other special guests who were invited to mark the event. Along the Strand road, the commuter tram car line will have seven stops; Wardan stop, Mawtin stop, Sint Oh Dan stop, Shwedagon Pagoda road stop, Pansoedan Stop, Botahtaung stop and Linsadaung stop and there will be 6 time trips daily between 8:30 am to 1 pm. After these hour, the trams will go for daily cleaning at Loco Shed Depot at Wardan Jetty.

Currently, the tram rail track is 3.5 mile long but eventually, it will extended to 7 miles long in total after two additional phases of development. Myanmar Railways had the trams on trial runs on January 7 and 8. There are three carriages and the ride costs 100-Kyat for each commuter. State owned Myanmar Railways and the Japan-based West Corporation signed a US$3 million deal in July 2015 for this project. Tram cars used to run in Myanmar from 1904 but ceased operation in 1994. The three carriages combined have a total capacity of approximately 450 passengers.

Electric tram timetable

Tram-3Wardan-Linsadaung9:45 10:15Tram-4Linsadaung-Wardan10:30 11:00Tram-5Wardan-Linsadaung11:45 12:15

Tram Number Route Departure Time Arrived Time
Tram-1 Wardan-Linsadaung 8:00 8:30
Tram-2 Linsadaung-Wardan 8:45 9:15
Tram-6 Linsadaung-Wardan 12:30 13:00