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Tom N Tom Coffee Open its First Outlet

Myanmar International Business Alliance Co., Ltd (MIBA), the franchise of South Korea’s coffee brand, TOM N TOMS Coffee for Myanmar, opened its first café at Terminal 3 Yangon International Airport in June.

Aung Sithu Khant, Director of MIBA said, “Myanmar economic development has emerged and its growth can be seen easily with the proof of foreign investments and global brands entering. TOM N TOMS is one of the top global food and beverage Franchise Company and South Korea’s coffee brand. With paradigm changes, Myanmar people’s lifestyle has become higher and they like to experience international popular foods and that’s the main reason MIBA decided to purchase Franchise License from TOM N TOMS and run the outlets.” “Coffee lovers will like the real coffee taste of our TOM N TOMS. Besides coffee, we are also selling other food and beverages and TOM N TOMS’ most favorite Pretzel as well. We believe that TOM N TOMS coffee outlet will be top choice for coffee lovers, whether it is hanging out with friends or a family outing or for business meetings, “he added. TOM N TOMS Myanmar opened its first outlet successfully in Yangon International Airport, Terminal 3 and plans to open second outlet in Kantharyar Center very soon.