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The First Yangon International Motor Show

The first ever Yangon International Motor Show (2019) was announced on December 4. Hosted by Bangkok based Grand Prix International Public Company (GPI Myanmar Company) and Yangon based Automotive Association of Myanmar (AAM), this event will be held under the concept “Navigating the Automotive Industry of Tomorrow” recognizing Myanmar’s recent rapid socio-economic developments and changes in living standards and lifestyles of Myanmar citizens.

The plan for first Yangon International Motor Show was officially announced by GPI Myanmar Company and Automotive Association of Myanmar, at Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony and Press Conference held at Novotel Yangon Max Hotel and it was attended by VIPs, Officials from GPI and AAM and respected members of the Press.

Myanmar automotive industry has seen drastic changes in the recent years and with the increasing interest from the general public and higher purchasing power, the event aims to enhance and support the growth and development of the automotive industry in Myanmar. The show also represents a strong collaboration between Automotive Association of Myanmar and Grand Prix International Public Company. The President of Yangon International Motor Show, Anothai Eamlumonow said, “The global automotive industry embraces changes regularly and thus why auto shows are being held across the world featuring advances and innovations in design concept, technology and innovations throughout the year. We have vast experiences and expertise in organizing motor shows across ASEAN and we are incorporating these concepts and ideas bring you one-of-a-kind automotive extravaganza for the first time in Myanmar. We are confident that the first Yangon International Motor Show will capture the attention from everyone from Myanmar automotive industry as well attracts the hearts of car enthusiasts with exciting experiences, features and activities.”

The show will feature more than 20 international automotive brands including the likes of BMW, MercedesBenz, Volvo, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, KIA, Jaguar, Land Rover, DFM. Visitors to the show can have first-hand experience of the latest car models, embrace technology and innovations of today and tomorrow and participate in many interesting activities. Visitors may also enjoy special promotions and discounts allowing them to purchase a new car with great ease at the show which will open up greater opportunities and support growth of Myanmar Automotive Industry. Aung Win, Chairman of Automotive Association of Myanmar (AAM) revealed, “Organizing an International Standard Motor Show goes in-line with the development of the host nation. The show will not be a success without the strong interest for innovation, knowledge and purchasing power of the general public.

We firmly believe that by collaborating with an organization such as GPI Myanmar Company, utilizing their expertise and experience in organizing various motor shows across ASEAN, we will bring immeasurable benefits for the members of Automotive Association of Myanmar and to the general public.” The first Yangon International Motor Show (2019) will be held from January 23 to 27, 2019 at the Yangon Convention Center (YCC). This is more than just a car show and interested companies and organizations from different industries are invited to acquire standard booths in accessories zone for engagement and maximum brand exposure.