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The Crown Landing the Golden Land

Collaborated together with Swiss Time Square, Rolex has finally launched here in Myanmar providing its global luxurious experiences for its long awaited local consumers. This is the very first time Rolex made its official appearance in Myanmar, opened its sale center on 15th December of 2014 at (99) Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Yangon.

The combination between Rolex’s deep expertise in making of its exquisite watch- es and world-class services and the exist- ing business network and local knowledge of Swiss Time Square finally opened the door for the local people to a whole new luxurious experience.

Chris Gisi, CEO of Rolex Southeast Asia, aid “This inauguration goes far beyond just bringing luxury timepieces to Yangon. The goal is to avail the full Rolex experience to Myanmar. From the moment customers set foot in the shop to the moment they leave, they receive the same exquisite and atten- tive world-class customer service Rolex is known world over for.”

Swiss Time Square

Established in the last Greenfield of South- east Asia, Myanmar, Swiss Time Square was founded to meet increasing demands and expectation upon the growing appreciation of luxury Swiss timepieces from the local consumers.

Along with its finest timepiece production and design, its best services by experienced and well-trained service crew guarantee to be satisfiable.

Following the success of Swiss Time Square in Yangon, Time Square Trading Co. Ltd. is on its way to launch another boutique in Mandalay, extending the luxurious and exclusive experience of Swiss Horology to customers in the heart of central Myanmar.


In 1908, the founder Hans Wilsdorf coined the name “Rolex” to sign his creations by his interesting criteria on establishing a brand. Foreseeing the importance of the brand concept, he gave the name that is;

– short with maximum five letters

– easy to pronounce in any language

– pleasant sounding

– easy to remember

– possible to inscribe elegantly on the

dial and movement of a watch.

Its slogan says, “A Crown for every Achieve- ment”, in synchronism with its iconic logo of pointed crown which represents victory. The color Gold describes the richness and being excellent while the Green is for its uniqueness and prosperity.


In 1910, a Rolex wristwatch obtained the first certificate in the world granted to such a watch by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne, Switzerland.

Four years later, in 1914, a similar model received from the prestigious Kew Observa- tory in England the first “Class A” certificate accorded to a wristwatch, a distinction until then reserved to marine chronometers.

In 1926, Hans Wilsdorf’s efforts on water- proofness proved successful with the inven- tion of the Rolex Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch in the world.

In 1931, Rolex invented the first wristwatch self-winding system with a free rotor, called the Perpetual rotor, the precursor of con- temporary self-winding systems.

The Oyster Collection

The series began in 1953 with the Oyster Perpetual Explorer and Oyster Perpetual Submariner. One of the most remarkable and innovative model that Rolex ever presented would be the Oyster Perpetu- al Sky-Dweller in 2012. A technological masterpiece protected by 14 patents, this watch with a classic appearance is intend- ed for world travelers.

The Cellini Collection

Rolex is introducing the new Cellini col- lection, a contemporary celebration of classicism and the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces. Consisting of 12 classically inspired models, this new col- lection combines the best of Rolex know- how and its high standards of perfection with an approach that heightens watch- making heritage in its most timeless form. The Cellini Time presenting the essence of a timeless classic is offered in four versions. The Cellini Date is the one in which you would find the elegance day in and day out. With a glance on the Cellini Dual Time, you would easily aware of time here and time there.

The classical Rolex, the Cellini Rolex Prince is the perfect combination of high technology and aesthetic creation.

With the registration of over 400 pat- ents in the course of its history, Rolex continues its unending story combining tradition, prestige and technology in the history of watchmaking as every hour, ev- ery minute and every second pass by. At this very first start of the very fresh New Year, Rolex is finally here for every gold- en-crowned achievement ahead of the golden days in Myanmar.