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The Alamanda Inn

It’s probably not an unfair stereotype to say that, generally speaking, the French are pretty particular when it comes to food, and that is heightened all the more when it is their own cuisine they are consuming. With that in mind, there are few stronger recommendations for a French restaurant in Yangon than one that is popular among the city’s French residents.

The Alamanda Inn, a peaceful and well designed restaurant bar nestled into leafy Golden Valley, wins that accolade.

The setting itself couldn’t be much further from Europe and feels much more like something from Bali than the centre of Paris. With its calm atmosphere and large thatched covering that offers almost total respite from the heat – and sometimes the rain – Alamanda is one of few options in Yangon that offers a break from the city without the unnatural hum of air conditioning.

It’s not just the atmosphere that makes Alamanda such a good choice, as the food is impressive both in terms of its range and its quality. Starter options include Croque Monsieur (K3,000) and a range of hot and cold tartines (priced between K2,500 and K3,000), but, as a personal choice, their salads are an excellent starter with the Cretoise Salad (K6,500) – including marinated peppers, eggplant, feta cheese and black olives – the standout dish.

Hardly surprisingly given the French theme, the baguettes and crepes are enjoyable, too, with options of the latter including blue cheese with potato slices, mushrooms with cream, as well as the more basic lemon and sugar, but where the Alamanda Inn really excels, particularly for dinner, is in its beef and fish dishes – again, a personal favourite is the Steak Tartare.

The restaurant also offers some small hotel rooms for a quite reasonable price and is a beautiful place to spend the day, either to have some lunch or for business meetings in the evening. Give it a try.

Inya Myain Road, Bahan Township, Yangon