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SuKi Buffet Hot Pot

The cool season is coming. Cold and windy weather means one thing for the foodies: It is hot pot time ! More and more of “Hot Pot Buffet” are mushrooming around the Yangon. Recently, “SuKi Hot Pot has joined the crowd. Located along Bo Myat Htun Road in Botahtaung Township, customers can easily access to SuKi Hot Pot by car or on foot from downtown. Upon entering the shop, you will notice the neat and simple decoration. The whole shop is air-conditioned. The colours of wall and decoration create a warm atmosphere.

SuKi Buffet Hot Pot opened on June 23. SuKi Hot Pot offers more than 70 dishes featuring pork, prawn, chicken, crab, beef, meatballs, vegetables, etc. All dishes in the menu are guaranteed for freshness.

Two types of broth with Indian spices; chicken as well as pork are available, with spicy and not-so-spicy options. In addition to their hot pot options, SuKi Hot Pot offers a variety of fried dishes as well as salads. For side dishes, there are fried noodles, fried rice and etc. For salads, there is bean curd salad, vermicelli salad, pork-belly salad, spinach salad, etc.

When it comes to sauces, SuKi offers four main sauces: chili sauce, tamarind sauce, pon su and myeik sauce. Additionally, customer can enjoy different kinds of dessert after their satisfaction with the main course.

The restaurant is split into two storeys and it can seat up to 120 people. The price is 9,800 kyats including beverages and deserts for adults and free of charge for children (under 3 feet 6 inches). The staff is friendly and very attentive.

The Verdict

The taste of broth is unique, neither oily nor sour. The dishes are freshly prepared and variety of side dishes are offered to customers. The place is also kept very clean. In response to customers’ requests, there will be lunch session which starting from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm starting on November 15. Dinner time starts from 4:00 pm till 10:00 pm. The restaurant claimed not to use any MSG in their dishes.