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Scania Launched New Generation Truck

The launch offered the new L-series and S-series cabs to complete the full range of options for Myanmar customers. Scania introduced the XT range, with additional technical specifications built to enhance the robustness of trucks that work in rough terrains such as construction sites. The new generation continues to adopt Scania’s modular system, where customers can customize their vehicle configurations according to their choice of cabs, engines and chassis. Scania has also made available the broadest range of alternative fuel and technology solutions on its new trucks. These include engines that operate on natural gas, hydro-treated vegetable oil, bioethanol, biogas, biodiesel as well as hybrid drivetrains, platooning and autonomous vehicle systems. With the official promotion of Scania Myanmar in December, customers can further benefit from flexible financing solutions tailored to their business plans and budgets. Since the new generation was first introduced in Europe in late 2016, more than 53,000 units of trucks have been sold worldwide.