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President Met Political Parties after the Election

On 15 Nov 2015, a week after the historical election, the President held a meeting with representatives of nearly 90 political parties at the Yangon Region government offce. Thein Sein discussed about the period before power is handed over early next year when the new Parliament is seated and promised a smooth transition to hand over power systematically and peacefully to the incoming government within a designated timeframe.

During his speech, Thein Sein stressed “current government did everything possible under its authority to ensure that the elections are held clean and free. Holding clean and fair elections shows that Myanmar’s democratic transition is successfully moving forward. The elections, which are important for the transition after fve years of implementing reforms, have now been successfully held. Existing laws, regulations, procedures, and guidance will continue to be upheld, and a smooth transition undertaken.

He mentioned the area of peace through highlighting of the signing of a long-waited the nationwide ceasefre agreement (NCA) with eight Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs). NCA is the best foundation for peace that current government left behind and he hoped the next government will do its best to build on good foundation. The president added that “the winning party is responsible for carrying out their best for interest of the people and other opposition parties should ensure that the important democratic practice of checks and balances remain strong in a democratic system”. Tin Aye, a former USDP offcial who heads Myanmar’s election commission, won praise from some of the world leaders for holding a transparent, free and fair election, and accepting the results with grace. The President also stated that the successful election was a result of the reform process put in place by his Union Solidarity and Development Party, which has won just eight percent of the seats. The National League for Democracy leaded by Noble prize winner Aung San Su Kyi won more than eighty percent. Thein Sein also mentioned that he would send invitations for the convening of the second parliament in accordance with established procedures. The present administration will remain in place until February of 2016, when the parliament eventually decides who would be Myanmar next president for another fve years.